Ken Chatfield

Formerly VP Research Science at Tractable in London. I was a founding member and drove the development of a visual AI for assessment of damage to vehicles, unlocking the first automated and visually verified processing of claims within the insurance industry and ultimately growing Tractable to a 1B business.

Building a company on the breakthroughs in artificial intelligence brought about by AlexNet and ImageNet in 2012, over the past decade I have spent much time exploring the evolving capabilities and limitations of deep learning systems in an applied setting. From this I have developed a particular interest in building AI systems that harness the strengths of both artificial and human intelligence. Bringing both together, I believe in the potential of AI as a tool for increasing human agency and flourishing.

Before Tractable, I completed my PhD at VGG in Oxford working on foundational large-scale deep learning architectures for image classification. At present, I am working on a new project.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Scholar.
I am best contacted via email.